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St Mary Coslany Norwich

Although St Mary Coslany is one of the thirty-six or so surviving medieval parish churches in the centre of Norwich, it is so old that it actually predates that time, and was probably the original parish church of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Coslany.


Coslany became an area of factories, warehouses and breweries. The three surviving Coslany churches are all redundant today of course, and St Mary has been redundant for the longest.

 This is the last surviving medieval round-towered church in the city. St Benedict's round tower survives, but not its church. As at St Peter Hungate, which this church much resembles internally, St Mary has the elegance of a small, cruciform church, quite the prettiest of the north-central churches. Its great treasure is the roof, which is still largely medieval and has a boss of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin into Heaven crowning the central crossing. Although St Mary was derelict by the end of the Victorian era, it underwent a major restoration in the early years of the Twentieth Century.

The Norwich Historic Churches Trust now takes care of the church and are in the process of renovating the interior. Once renovations are completed it will become the home of Coslany Arts.

1943 photograph of St Mary Coslany, Norwich


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